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Initiated in 1898, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association is the marketing organization and trade association for America’s one million cattle farmers and ranchers.

This world-class award-winning bourbon was made to celebrate all the cattlemen and cattlewomen that have dedicated their life and hard work for their families and our great country.

For 3 generations our family at Copper Tear™ has made alcohol. It all started in a hollow under an old oak tree. Using only the finest ingredients, natural artesian spring water and our secret handed down filtering process we have come up with a one-of-a-kind especially sweet flavorful bourbon endorsed by the NCBA®.

People have enjoyed our products for over 100 years. From our first moonshine, corn whiskey and bourbon. We know you will agree our award-winning products are very smooth and easy to drink. 

Traditions have been handed down for years to make our products, just like the traditions from cattlemen and cattlewomen across our country.

We know once you taste National Cattlemen’s Beef Associations® Cattle Drive Bourbon you will come back for more!

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