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The Copper Tear®

Copper Tear® Reserve
Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Our Copper Tear® Reserve is a 90 Proof Bourbon with strong notes of vanilla, brown sugar, and apple juice. The palate compliments the scent with hints of fresh apples and vanilla giving it a dry oak finish.


Copper Tear® Reserve Florida Aged Dark Rum

Our Florida Aged Dark Rum is a 80 Proof Rum with tropical notes of pineapple, banana, and coconut gracing the palate with a reminiscent taste of Crème Brulée - fresh and creamy. The finish has hints of orange peel and oak.

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NCBA® Cattle Drive Bourbon 

Our NCBA® award winning Bourbon has notes of apple juice, brown sugar, and buttercream frosting. The palate has a sweetness galore of fresh apples, oak and oak giving it a smooth finish with buttercream, dry oak, and peaches. 

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Copper Tear® Bourbon

Our Copper Tear® Bourbon is a 100 Proof Bourbon with strong notes of apple juice, buttercream, and vanilla. The palate is graced with a sweetness galore of brown sugar, fresh apples, and oak giving it a smooth finish of dry oak and baking spices.

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Copper Tear® Resolution 19 Bourbon

Our Resolution 19® Bourbon was created to honor the 1964 Senate Concurrent Resolution 19, which formally declared that bourbon was “a distinctive product of the United States". It is a blend of  4-year and 3-year aged bourbon with a higher rye content. It is a 90 Proof bourbon with a bold and smooth finish.

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80 Proof® Vodka 

Our 80 Proof® Vodka is proof that a well vodka can go beyond its given standards. This handcrafted well vodka will take your cocktail party to the next level by being bold, flavorful, and perfect neat or mixed. 

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